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Manufactured Homes are built to National Safety and Construction Standards administered by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The homes meet rigorous inspections and approval conditions. HUD Code homes have been the basis for all other factory-constructed homes since 1976. Since HUD homes are administered by a national program unlike modular homes, they have unique issues and certain special programs.

The Manufactured Housing Council of New York State has been established to focus on those issues and programs. The Council has numerous projects planned and is constantly working to protect this viable housing option and to expand the market. The Manufactured Housing Advancement Act of 2005 allows New York to meet the requirements mandated by the federal government in 2000. It provides for the training, certification and enforcement of the installation of HUD Code homes. It also provides a dispute resolution process for all parties involved in the on-site construction of a home.

The Council plans sales training and other educational programs for retailers and their sales staffs throughout the year. The Council’s staff can attend local and regional meetings with zoning boards, planning boards and other groups who regulate the industry.

Periodically, the council will host home shows around the state to advance the sales and understanding of the HUD code product. Other marketing campaigns, such as infomercials and ad programs are also conducted.

Retailers, manufacturers, builders, developers and others using HUD Code Homes should belong to the Manufactured Housing Council of New York State.


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