The Modular Building Systems Council of New York was formed to better represent the interests of modular builders, producers and homeowners in the state. The Council, through its relationship with the New York Housing Association, was instrumental in working with the Department of State Building Codes Division in setting up the Third Party Approval Program for modular model approvals with the department. The Council conducts periodic training seminars with the Codes Division for engineers from the various modular producers on code or procedural changes.

The Council initiated the New York State Coalition for Modular Tax Reform, a lobby group of many manufacturer, builder and other associations, with the sole purpose of reforming outdated and ambiguous regulations for the taxation of Modular homes.

The Council’s staff works daily with the Department of State Building Codes Division and the Department of Taxation and Finance, as well as the Department of Transportation and other regulatory agencies to protect and advance the industry.

The Council, along with the New York Housing Association, belongs to the Northeast Transportation Initiative whose purpose is to establish uniformity in over-dimensional permitting regulations in eleven Northeastern states. The Council also supports the National Modular Council’s Coalition to exempt the industry from divisible load regulations when transporting multiple units or additions on the same carrier.

The Council is committed to increasing its market share in New York through numerous consumer-related initiatives and through its consumer website. Consumers constantly request information about modular homes and receive a packet of information from the Council and Association.

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