The Manufactured Home Communities Council of New York is comprised of Community Owners and Managers of land-leased residential communities throughout New York State. There are more than 2100 communities registered with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. Communities provide a lifestyle choice for many residents. Some communities offer community centers, playgrounds, swimming pools and other amenities for their residents.

Manufactured Home Communities are unique in that the resident owns his or her own home and rents the land upon which the home is placed. This allows for home ownership and equity while still having a yard, garden and neighbors. Community Owners provide the roads, lights, amenities and sometimes the water and sewer systems. Community Owners must adhere to local and state regulations and have a variety of issues and concerns. The Communities Council allows the owners and managers to learn about new laws and regulations, network services and suppliers and establish their own proactive goals and projects. They work closely with the Department of Health and the local Code Officials. The council staff monitors local, state and federal laws and regulations to assist the communities.

The council has compiled a Manufactured Home Community Managers Guidebook, revising Part 17 of the New York State Health Code and working to reform the methodology of real property tax assessment of communities in New York.

All Manufactured Home Communities should be members of this council.


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