Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker

James Spellos
President of Meeting U.

James Spellos, President of Meeting U., a company specializing in helping people become more productive and comfortable with technology, is our Keynote Speaker presenting “Hot Technologies 2018.” In this session, learn how to recognize new technologies that are changing how busines is done and more.

Jim is certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). He delivers over 150 seminars annually on how to use technology more efficiently. Jim is an adjunct faculty member at New York University, teaching in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies since 1990. He will present a second session entitled “Are You Secure? (No, You’re Not!), Digital Security & You!” where you will learn how to keep your personal digital presence from being compromised and more.

Luncheon Speaker

Senator Betty Little

Senator Betty Little, Luncheon Speaker, is serving her sixth term representing the residents of the 45th Senate District, which comprises Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Warren and parts of St. Lawrence and Washington Counties. Prior to first winning election to the State Senate in November 2002, Senator Little served in the New York State Assembly for seven years. Senator Little’s sixth term builds on many legislative successes. They include: adoption of an initiative that encourages local governments to work cooperatively and share services to save tax dollars; reform of the adverse possession law to ensure greater fairness for property owners; a law to restrict the sale, possession and importation of invasive species; creation of the Adirondack Community Housing Trust; passage of the historic Timber Theft Law; and expanding net metering to encourage investment in renewable power production including solar, wind and waste energy.

How to Tell When You Have Stopped Operating Your Business Like it is an Investment

Joanne Stevens

Joanne Stevens, nationally known consultant to the Manufactured Home Community Industry, has a background which includes zoning and developing communities, owning and managing communities, retailing new homes and owner-operator of a listing service for pre-owned homes. She has brokered the sales of mobile home parks ranging in size from 30 home sites to 490+ throughout the US. Joanne is a member of MHI National Communities Council, the National Association of Realtors and numerous state Manufactured Housing Associations. Her session will be “How to Tell When You Have Stopped Operating Your Business Like it is an Investment.” If a magic wand were waved and we all were sprinkled with Warren Buffett investment wisdom pixie dust would our Communities be making more money? Do you feel Warren Buffett investment principles are applicable to Communities? While Warren Buffett is in a class of his own, shouldn’t we use him as our role model for achieving as high of return as possible with Manufactured Home Community investments?

National Issues Perspective

Dick Jennison, MHI President & CEO & Leslie Gooch, Ph.D, Sr. Vice President MHI, Government Affairs

Federal Issues affect every manufactured housing business regardless if you are a community owner, retailer, manufacturer, lender or in any other facet of the industry. Attendees will learn the latest information on HR 1699 and other legislation to improve the sales and financing of our homes, including, Duty to Serve, Dodd Frank Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) activities. In addition, attendees will receive an update on HUD Code and Energy Code issues as well as other issues of importance to the industry.

“Ask The Attorneys”

Jaime Cain, Esq., Boylan Code, Mark Glaser, Esq., Greenberg & Traurig & Marc Lifset, Esq., McGlinchey Stafford

“Ask the Attorneys”
The presenters are all legal experts in Manufactured Housing Issues. This program will provide updates on various issues of importance to community owners in New York and will give you the opportunity to ask questions of your own. The panel will cover topics such as: STAR; Fair Housing; Lease with Option to Purchase; Emotional Support Animals; Labor Laws, including Paid Family Leave; RPL 233; Division of Housing and Community Renewal issues; Abandoned Homes; and much more!

Thursday, October 5th Sessions

2:30 PM A. Embracing Sustainability Initiative, Taking Responsibility for Small Water Systems for Your CommunityPat Scalera, CEO NY Rural Water Association
B. Are Your Secure? (No You’re Not), Digital Security & You! James Spellos, Meeting U
C. NYS Building Code Udpate – John Addario, Director; Brian Tollisen, Deputy Director and William Sherman, Manufactured Housing Program Administrator – NYS DOS DBSC